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FCG Golf 2 Man Am Tour FAQ

Do I need a USGA handicap to play in the event?

No, if you do not have a handicap you can still compete in the event but won't be able to compete for net prizes, however you can compete for the gross division prizes and will be playing as a 0 handicap

What if I signed up 2 months early and my handicap has changed?

FCG will be taking the index that is most recent in relation to one week prior to the events start date.

How does the handicap work in a team event best ball format?

Each player on the team will be using 100% of their respected handicap. That handicap will be adjusted for the tees used and the slope of the golf course that is being played

How does the handicap work in a team event scramble format?

First, both golfers on the team determine their course handicap based on slope and tees played, then take 35% of golfer A and add it to 15% of golfer B. Golfer A is the lower handicap player on the team and Golfer B the higher handicapped. Example: Golfer A is an 8 and Golfer B is a 21. 35% of 8 is 2.8, and 15% of 21 is 3.15. Golfer A (2.8) + Golfer B (3.15) = Teams handicap is (5.95). Roundup and the teams handicap is a (6)

What Tees do I play from?

All players play from the white tees unless you are 62 years old at the time of the event. Anyone 62 or older is eligible to play the senior tees with your handicap adjusted based on slope and tees played. Ladies play from the red tee markers and handicap will be adjusted for slope and tees played

What are the prizes for the events?

Prizes for the event will vary based on the number of teams per event and participation from each respective golf course. Prizes included will be new golf clubs, pro shop credit, Full Circle Golf gift cards, free rounds of golf, virtual golf/simulator time and Full Circle Golf memberships. A minimum of 5 net prizes and 2 gross prizes will be awarded at each event

If I am a member of the golf course where the event is being played can I participate in the event?

Definitely. There will be a sign up sheet in the golf shop and a fee will be paid to the golf shop based on the event being played.

Will there be cash skins and closest to the pin?

Yes, cash skins for both net and gross and cash closest to the pin will be available to participate in for every event and are voluntary. Payment for these games are to be made at the tournament site at registration. Acceptable forms of payment are cash and venmo. 

How will I know if I won a prize?

Prize payouts for prizes and skins will be posted 48hours after the completion of the event. Each player that won a prize will be contacted by FCG staff and winners will also be posted online. 

Will there be food at the events?

Some events but not all will have food built into the entry fee